When it came to name a service as specific and specialized as consulting services may be, Enbiquity came as an evidence. It is the result of the merger of "en-ergy" & "u-biquity"

Energy as the sector I have been involved since the beginning of my career. 

Ubiquity as it relates to my experience. It reflects my international assignments, expatriation experience and my conviction energy must be a commodity available and affordable to everyone.

Enbiquity summarizes in fact both my passion for the sector and the experience I gained over the course of my professional career internationally.

Our logo may evoke for some a molecule and for others an electrical grid. It is hence a perfect match to symbolize the energy transition of our economies as it combines and leverage molecules and, or, electrons in new market opportunities. 

This logo is also the symbol of a professional network that can be mobilized to combine the required skills to tackle complex issues.

About me

With more than 20 years of experience, Olivier combines a unique perspective in the energy sector value chain in terms of technical, economic, commercial, and regulatory expertise delivered to sector's clients. 

After a career that began in the field as a commissioning engineer for Solar Turbines, a leader in gas turbines manufacturer for the O&G and Power generation markets, Olivier evolved towards commercial roles before joining Siemens, now Siemens Energy, in Belgium where he would fulfil management assignments. There, during the next 10 years, he holds different position in Sales and as Business Unit manager with responsibilities covering Europe, North, West & Central Africa. Among his customers, we find TSO's, utilities and industrial customers. Projects ranged from gas network compressor stations, pipeline network upgrade & digitalization, underground gas storage, LNG liquefaction and storage, industrial power generation, combined heat and power, and utility scale power plants (CCGT's). 

In 2016, he leaves Belgium to live an experience as expatriate in Washington DC, USA, where he will be working as a Senior Energy Specialist Consultant for the World Bank and the IFC on assignments in Mexico, Latin America and West Africa. Those assignments are related to energy transition, decarbonization, methane emissions, gas & power markets, regulatory framework developments, resources adequacy, energy storage, and investment assessments. 

Since back in Belgium, Olivier offers his service as a management consultant, energy sector expert for international institutions and the private sector.

His recent assignments are related to demand-response flexibility on the European electricity markets and the design of State Aid Scheme to support security of supply in Eastern Europe.

He holds a master in engineering and completed recently certifications in Merger & Acquisitions from Imperial College and Markets regulatory courses from the Florence School of Regulation.

He worked in more than 40 countries around the globe advising governments, industrial clients, developers, utilities, O&G producers on business, operation, policies, and strategy matters.

I believe in...

...a just and orderly energy transition where markets, innovation, flexibility, storage and diversification of energy sources will be instrumental to achieve our decarbonization objectives and where expertise, focus and pragmatism are required to undertake this journey.

Olivier De Block