"Shaping Energy Industry"

"We are dedicated to shaping a cleaner, more efficient and flexible energy landscape. We provide trusted advisory services that enable our clients to navigate complex technical, commercial, regulatory challenges and seize investment opportunities in an evolving market."

Our Mission

Enbiquity provides independent specialized energy consultancy. We cover technology, resources, markets, emissions, and the regulatory spectrum of the energy sector.

What makes us unique is our holistic approach. We understand that decisions in one part of the energy system can influence yours. We strive to offer comprehensive insights that encompass the commercial, technical, and regulatory aspects in both developing and developed economies. We uncover the opportunities offered by the markets to generate value and build a sustainable and decarbonized future.

Our mission is to provide expert guidance and empower the energy industry, governments, and development institutions among many others by providing a professional service that drives sustainable, efficient, and innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Our Objective

As a trusted partner, we want to work with you to create simplicity beyond complexity and ambiguity. We use our energy sector and policy expertise to create clear views on complex issues, based on solid analysis based on your requirements. We reach out to stakeholders to craft, develop and discuss solutions for you to make informed, strategic decisions. 

We aim at remaining your partner for the implementation, capacity building, support your organizations with ad-hoc training and safeguard your investment through a thorough contractual framework. 

Our Services


Sector analysis, market research, data-analytics, scenario building, cost-objective function, sector review, training tailored to your needs.

Strategy & Operations Excellence

A strategic assessment covering Sales, Operation, can help focusing on an efficient and sustainable growth.

Project Development

We support the development of your project from technical concept, financial modelling, optimization, risks assessment and contract management.

Regulatory Affairs

We support you to navigate through the continuous evolving regulatory space, assessing risks and opportunities.

How can we help you?